Saturday, January 9, 2010


It appears that Allison Schulnik has been unharmed by our downward spiraling country filled with frantic business men and empty store fronts, and instead has decided to create a place that is entirely her own. Filled with little green men, crazy eyed clowns and clay eating spaceships, this is somewhere I am looking into visiting. I discovered Schulnik a few days ago when I watched the latest video from one of my favorite bands, Grizzly Bear, which she directed. The whole video is stop motion animated, loaded with blasts of color and completely creepy. However even with a weird factor of about a 9.5 it was incredibly captivating. I watched the whole thing in awe. After a brief google search I found she is a graduate of Cal Arts located in my not so exciting hometown of Valencia, CA; and while she does have a number of short films under her belt, she is also experienced in multiple forms of media that are just as inspiring. So if you happen to be cruising through Overland Park, Kansas make a point to stop by the Nerman Museum of Contemarary Art where her work will be on display until March. However if a road trip to Dorthy's hometown is not on your to do list this month, here is a taste of Allison Schulnik for all you homebodies.

Schulnik at her studio

Grizzly Bear Official video- Ready, Able

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