Wednesday, May 26, 2010


His subjects live in a land where Chanel blush is permanently brushed on their flawless cheeks and vibrant pastels act as the fabric to their overly fantastical gowns. You can check all the maps you can find, but that land is hidden deep within the pages of Danny Roberts' sketchbook. This talented California based fashion illustrator is a graduate of Academy of Art University and has successfully developed a unique style that distinctly separates him from other prominent artists of today. His pieces take you to a place where love is magical, fashion is effortless and everyone looks like they have just escaped from a dollhouse. In the past Roberts has worked with Forever 21, Lancome and has also created the bright eyed girl who is the notorious icon for BlogLovin'. However one of Robert's biggest achievements has occurred recently- within the last two weeks to be exact. Danny's brightly colored yet intimate portrait of Alexander McQueen was used as the cover for what is sure to be a legendary issue of London's Sunday Times Magazine. While this may be a highlight of his career, don't expect it to be the height of it. Roberts, age 24, is merely in his early years and only he knows what whimsical worlds are to come.

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